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Dr. Dean has proven expertise in hair transplant services!

If you have been looking for a professional hair transplant doctor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, then Dr. Randy Dean is whom you need to help. As one of the most professional and globally renowned hair transplant surgeons, Dr. Dean’s high-quality hair transplant support is, without a doubt, the best option for your hair transplant needs.

Minimal Incisions for Faster
Recovery Times


Don’t compromise when it comes to your recovery times. By using minimal incisions during the procedure, we can ensure that our clients recover as quickly as possible, forming healthy micro-channels for our premium implants to establish.

Moreover, we utilize high-endurance gemstones with anti-bacterial properties during our hair transplants to ensure denser hair regrowth and optimal scalp health.


Ultra-Modern Services

We use only the latest technologies to ensure that our ultra-modern services are frictionless and 360 degree protected.
Don’t compromise. Rely on pinpoint penetration for direct penetration without damaging highly sensitive hair follicles.


Before and After

Don’t just take our word for it. Our before and after photos show the immense success that our hair transplant services can offer.
Indeed, our before and after photos speak for themselves. Dr. Randy Dean can support with creating a natural hairline while promoting strong new hair growth.

Better Than Ever Results

We, as professional hair transplant experts, never settle for anything but the best. Your hair will be as good as new – or better – after our hair transplant support. Our high success rate is largely due to our uncompromising approach to long-term care and support, helping you get the most from our services.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Fort
Lauderdale, Florida


The cost of hair transplant services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida are variable, but we pride oursleves on offering the best value that we can. Our services are cheaper than any UK or US clinics – but we never compromise on quality, and always use the most advanced global technology. Plus, we don’t believe in repeat charges, so you’ll only be charged once no matter how many grafts you need to get the best possible results.

hair micropigmentation

Top-Class FUE Hair Replacement Services

hair micropigmentation

When it comes to top quality beauty enhancements, we pride ourselves on offering some of the best services globally. Our cosmetic team is proud to offer some of the most successful services globally, helping our customers and clients achieve the dramatic transformations they expect!

Our services are designed to be minimally scarring and natural-looking, providing incredible results for clients without compromise.

How Our Sapphire DHI Works

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There are three methods for sapphire DHI, including FUE (micro technology removes individual hair follicles), sapphire incision (where sapphire blades are used to open channels naturally and with minimal trauma to the scalp), and DHI (where an advanced implanter system provides the hair graft).

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Best beard transplantation services florida

Beard and Moustache Transplantation

Best beard transplantation services florida

Along with top-class, globally renowned hair transplantation services, we also pride ourselves on offering some of the best beard and moustache transplantation support as well.

To carry out top quality beach and moustache transplantation, we gather healthy, strong hair follicles from the donor area. This is usually behind patient’s head, near the neck. Then, we transfer these to the desired region. Within six to twelve months, patients see a noticeable difference and a thick, natural beard.

Successful Celebrity Endorsements

hair restoration fort lauderdale

Our hair transplant team has worked with a wide selection of high-profile individuals to help perfect their hairlines, and we can provide these services for you as well.

hair restoration fort lauderdale

How it Works


1. Book Your Free Consultation With Us!

To find out more about our legendary hair transplantation services, get in touch with a member of our team ASAP and book your free consultation with our medical experts. Our free consultation is effortless; simply send us photos, and we’ll analyze them carefully to tailor the best solutions for your hair
transplant needs!

We Provide Best hair loss treatment

2. Receive Your
Free Hair Analysis

Once we’ve decided on the best approach for your hair transplant, we’ll let you know about how we can help you, and give an estimate for the number of grafts you will need and the best procedure for your hair type. Everyone is different, after all.

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3. Travel to our Clinic

So, you’ve booked your session. We’ll handle the rest. Our team can arrange every aspect of your hair transplant, including booking your stay at a local 5-star hotel and arranging all hotel transfers and more. We can even find the best flight for your needs.


4. Enjoy Your Luxury Hair Transplantation Services

Your wellbeing is our primary concern, which is why our staff will take close care of you during all stages of your experience. You’ll experience a personal consultation with Dr. Dean before the procedure, and before you know it, you’ll be beginning your new life.


If you have any questions, we have a representative ready 24/7 to help. However, some of your questions may be covered below.

What does the price include?

Our services include all relevant blood tests, medications, dressings, and PRP therapy. What’s more, we also cover your accommodation and transfers, so you won’t have to worry about any extra costs.

Is the Combination Price for DHI Sapphire Different?

DHI combines two techniques, so the price is different from the standard.

How can I Contact The Team?

Call or WhatsApp our team on +90 544 556 05 55, or send us an e-mail to:

What Are Your Covid-19 Precautions?

We follow multiple strict measures against the Covid-19 virus. Some of our safety technologies include test kits, infrared thermometers, hands-free sanitizers, top-class air filtration systems, travel masks and face shields, and more. Plus, we arrange for socially distanced transfers, and our clinic is fully sterilized at all times.

Is The Online Hair Analysis Free?

Your personalized online hair analysis session is completely free of charge, as is your one-on-one consultation with our experts.

How Many Grafts are Possible in a Session?

In one session, up to 3500 hair follicle grafts can be made.

Who Carries Out the Operations?

All of our hair transplant operations are overseen by Dr. Randy Dean, or carried out by Dr. Dean personally for our VIP package.

How Long is Recovery Post Surgery?

Most customers return to normal after three days (72 hours).

Do you Offer Hair Transplantation Guarantees?

We follow your progress after surgery to ensure you get top-class results.

Can Transplanted Hair Follicles Fall Out?

Shock loss occurs soon after surgery when your transplanted hair will fall out. This is part of the process and will trigger new hair to grow through immediately after.

Is It Painful?

Our hair transplant surgery is carried out with local anesthesia. Hence, our patients feel almost nothing after the administration of anesthetic by needle-free methods.

Will Scars Develop After the Surgery?

We use FUE methods to provide hair transplant services. These methods are minimally invasive hair transplantation, and so there are very few wounds. These are usually invisible or almost invisible to the naked eye after recovery and healing.

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