Certificates & Seminars

Prague - ISHRS 25th 2017-World Congress

The ISHRS stands for the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery. It is a non-profit medication association that is renowned globally for being a leading authority in medical and surgical hair restoration services. The association has over 1,200 members worldwide.

Spain - FUE Hair Transplant Seminars

We attended the FUE Hair Transplant seminars hosted in Spain (notably in Valencia, Madrid, and Barcelona). These seminars detailed some of the new and emerging techniques that were being used in hair transplantation procedures, as well as visiting Spanish patients during their recovery.

London – FUE Hair Transplant Seminars

We attended a London-based seminar covering hair transplant procedures and further emerging hair transplant technologies and techniques while also visiting English hair transplant patients during their recovery.

Naples – FUE Hair Transplant Seminars

The Naples seminar event further detailed the new, state-of-the-art, and emerging technologies offering opportunities for the hair transplantation field, making it a highly valuable seminar for technological advancements in the field.