FUE Hair Transplant

Of course, none of us like to lose hair – but sometimes, it’s a face of life, and hair growth may need a little helping hand to recover. This is especially true as we age, but there can be many reasons for poor hair growth such as genetics, trauma, scarring, and the like. Whatever the case might be though, our FUE hair transplant procedures and technologies can help you heal.


How FUE Works


During FUE, a section of healthy and strong hair follicles are removed from a region at the back of the head, usually at the base of the neck or behind the ear. These healthy hair follicles can then be transplanted to the desired area to stimulate hair regrowth over time. They will grow for about a month before falling out, and this process triggers the body to regrow new, natural hairs as if they had always been there!

Results from FUE procedures can be seen in as little as two months, although full results can take about twelve months to establish. Nonetheless, the procedure is one that offers incredible results, and this has made it one of the highest-standard hair removal techniques for the modern market.


During FUE, a punch – a hollow needle which, in our case, is tipped with sapphire for uncompromising sharpness and for a clean cut – removes the hair follicles. This step is crucial, as damage to the hair follicles may prevent them from growing. Meanwhile, large “punches” can lead to a longer recovery time for the patient, and none of us want that.

The Needle Diameter Varies From Patient to Patient

The diameter of the needle will vary, although will usually fall at about 0.9mm – the exact diameter depends on the texture and type of your hair, but don’t worry! Our professional team can help tailor the service to ensure it’s perfect for your unique attributes and characteristics.

Sometimes, the hair roots around the ears may be thinner than for the rest of your hair, and this makes the procedure incredibly simple. For such patients, a needle of 0.6mm is used to create the least damage to the skin possible.

During the procedure, our professional surgeons use needle-free local anaesthetic to remove any pain and ensure that you are fully comfortable throughout. As a notable benefit of the procedure, because everything is completed on such a minute scale, there are no visible interfaces or sutures and the risk of pain or infection are dramatically reduced!

Plus, after just ten days, the areas where our surgeons carefully took grafts will no longer be visible, as the natural hair will have regrown here. Hence, you won’t need to worry; you’ll see results in no time, and be able to get on with your new life as soon as possible!


Why The Procedure is So Successful


What makes this method so successful? Well, the hairs that are extracted using the FUE punch tool method (so long as they are not damaged during the removal procedure) are healthy and fully resistant to the hormone responsible for hair loss in patients. This hormone is known as DHT. Since the newly transplanted hairs are immune to this hormone, the treatment’s success is guaranteed so long as the hair follicles are able to establish successfully.

A follicular unit group contains between one and four individual hairs. These are strategically positioned close, since human scalp hair doesn’t naturally grow from just several individual hairs. Instead, hair grows in follicular units, so this needs to be replicated during the transplanting procedure. Hence, we are able to replicate a natural hair pattern, giving our patients the best possible results.

FUE Offers a Reliable And Safe Option For Long-Term Hair Regrowth


For most patients, complete (and permanent) hair regrowth will be seen between six and twelve months following treatment. The transformations offered by this procedure are staggering, and previously bald areas can be sporting a full head of natural hair growth just a after an FUE transplant. Considering the minimally invasive nature of the procedure, these results are simply incredible.

Of course, for the best results, it’s vital you choose a team of experienced hair transplant doctors. Luckily, this is exactly what we can offer, so get in touch with our team today to get back a full, healthy head of hair once again!