Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation services are generally considered to be restorative, and to this end, they aren’t usually used if the patient’s hair has completely shedded. However, they can retouch losts areas of hair, such as scar tissue across an eyebrow or a receeding hairline.

The operation is performed with grafts. These grafts are more resistant to shedding. Grafts are taken directly from the patient’s own hair, ensuring that the body won’t reject the new grafts. These hairs are gathered using micro-motors and then surgically transferred to areas that have suffered hair loss.


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The Promises of Hair Transplantation Services

Hair transplantation surgeries are designed to recover lost hair and provide the patient with a more satisfactory overall appearance, which can often be incredibly valuable for patients.
It should be noted that, although hair transplantation services are a medical procedure, anesthetic is provided to ensure that the process is only mildly uncomfortable at worst.

Hair transplantation techniques are rapidly becoming more and more popular each day. To this end, hair transplantation experts are developing new methods to further boost the success rates of these procedures, with recent innovations such as FUE (follicular unit extraction) becoming widespread. FUE offers exceptional results with minimal pain and side effects, and without requiring stitching or the like.

Rarely, patients may experience mild discomfort once the anesthetic wears off; in these cases, painkillers can help ensure that pain is manageable, although these usually aren’t required