How Dyeing Your Hair Can Damage It

September 9, 2021

Stopping Hair Loss From Dyeing

Do you regularly dye your hair? If so, you might wonder about how you can protect your hair from damage and loss. Indeed, if you dye your hair more than four times annually, this will cause long-term damage to your hair.

However, to limit the damage to your hair, try to get your hair dyed professionally at a hair salon, as this can protect the pores of your scalp from damage.

Can I Dye My Hair with Hair Loss?

If you have been suffering from hair loss, then we highly recommend that you don’t dye your hair. Indeed, hair dyeing places a great deal of stress on your hair, and if you have already been suffering from hair loss then it is likely your hair is already compromised.

If you absolutely must dye your hair, we suggest that you use vegetable dye products to limtit the impacts of hair loss. Furthermore, to stop the hair loss, we highly suggest that you stop using hair dyes, to give any surviving hair follicles the best chance of recovering. Meanwhile, some products can promote the natural repigmentation of your hair, if you so desire; this can be a great alternative to choosing hair dyes and one that won’t come with the same dangers. For example, for individuals who have been suffering from greying hair,repigmentation products may help the hair grow back in color.

There are many other potential causes of hair loss too, such as genetic conditions, aging, and the like. As a professional hair transplant clinic, we may be able to assist with your recovery; get in touch with our team. We’ll try to help you find the ideal solutions for your own hair loss needs.