Beard Transplant

Have you been looking for professional beard transplantation services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida? For many men, throughout the course of time, beards have represented the epitome of fashion, with a full beard being a prominent and indisputable sign of masculinity and power. However, many men actually struggle with growing a beard, and this can be a real point of concern for many men.

However, this lack of a beard doesn’t need to be the case. Of course, there are some other pharmacological treatments and lotions that might be able to help to a degree with promoting beard growth. However, for individuals who have been struggling to grow a thick and dense beard, beard transplant technologies could offer the most rapid and practical opportunity instead.

Why Choose Beard Transplant Services
in Fort Lauderdale, Florida?


So, you might be wondering – why should I choose Fort Lauderdale, Florida for my beard transplant services? Indeed, while there is no pressure to pick Fort Lauderdale, Florida as your destination of choice, our Fort Lauderdale, Florida clinic can offer some of the highest standard beard transplanting services possible – and this could help you get that thick, bushy, and well-developed beard you always dreamed of!

We use only the best technologies and most state-of-the-art equipment solutions in our practices, implementation internationally renowned techniques to provide gentle yet highly effective solutions for our clients.


Who Can Benefit from Moustache/Beard Transplantation?

Anyone who has trouble with growing a beard or who has a gap between their beard and moustache could benefit from transplant services. All hair grafts are directly taken from the patient, preventing the body from rejecting the beard.

How Are Beard Transplants Carried Out?

Beard transplants are carried out in a similar manner to standard hair transplant services, whereby the surgeon takes healthy hair follicles from a donor area behind the head. Then, these healthy hair follicles are transferred to areas of the beard needing support, where the hair roots quickly establish. Generally speaking, six to twelve months will see full results.

How do Beard Transplants Work?

To begin with, our customers attend a consultation with Dr. Dean, during which time numerous aspects of the procedure are estimated, including the number of grafts required and the like. The number of grafts is estimated by state-of-the-art analysis technology, helping to optimize the results of the procedure for thicker beard growth and fast recovery times.


We use a FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method during our beard trandplant services. Healthy hair follicles are selected from behind the head and 0.7 mm diameter microneedles expertly separate the root of the hair follicles from the surrounding skin. To ensure they aresuitable, we then test the donor hairs in a nutrient solution; this also helps preserve the roots’ vitality.

Micro-lancets create small puncture channels in the target regions, into which individual hair grafts are inserted with the utmost care. This ensures that the hairs grow at the correct angle. During the recovery process, the hair roots are rapidly resupplied with blood and, hence,establish and grow quickly.

While our surgeons are experts at what they do, hair grafts are an incredibly technical procedure. As such, they require several hours to complete entirely, and should only ever be completed by experienced surgeons. Furthermore, because the procedure involves making small incisions, a local anaesthetic is used to make the process virtually pain free.

The implanted hair follicles stimulate the production of new hairs after a few weeks, with the first results being visible in a matter of two
months or so. The final result takes, on average, about twelve months to complete.

Choosing the Best Hair Transplant Clinic

When seeking the best hair transplant clinic, there are multiple factors you may want to consider. The most important of these, though, is to depends on several factors. The most important is choosing a clinic that works with professionally experienced surgeons; luckily, this is what our team can offer.

Post-Operation Recovery

As with any operation, you will need to allow your body some time to adjust and recover. We recommend that patients limit exposure to strong sunlight, or otherwise use a high sun protection factor cream, ideally without perfume. This precaution should be continued for a few months so as not to hinder healing.

The operation itself is minimally invasive and doesn’t come with any real dangers, although some patients experience a little inflammation and sensitivity after the procedure for a short period of time.

Approximately two months after the operation, the first new hair growth will be observed. By twelve months, most patients will have achieved a thick and noticeable beard growth, and the beard can then be styled as desired.

To find out more about our beard transplantation services, get in touch with our team to find out more about our innovative solutions and to learn how Dr. Randy Dean can help you achieve the beard of your dreams.