DHI Hair Transplantation

Patients commonly report self-confidence complications from their hair loss or hair thinning, and these symptoms can even lead some individuals to to withdraw from their normal way of life altogether. Even for individuals who are not suffering from such severe hair loss, or for whom the symptoms don’t cause such severe self-confidence doubts, the nagging self-doubt is often something that is still there, and a nuisance that we could inevitably do without.

For genetic hair loss in particular, opportunities are notably limited. Indeed, with genetic hair loss, no amount of creams or medications will cause the hair to regrow once it has gone – but hair transplantation techniques can provide a to permanently eliminate the hair loss conundrum.

Of course, once a patient has made the difficult decision to opt for hair transplantation, there comes the potentially overwhelming challenge of working out the best hair transplantation option. Of the different solutions, DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) is arguably one of the most popular.

DHI is a widespread modern method for hair transplantation and can offer many benefits. It’s also one that crops up early in most searches.


How is the DHI Performed?

To begin with, a patient’s scalp is locally anaesthetised, to help remove any pain associated with the operation itself. Usually, this anesthetic is delivered by needles or devices that spray a pressurised form of anaesthetic directly onto the skin – the choice varies from clinic to clinic.


Once the anesthetic has kicked in, special punches are made into the scalp using a Choi implanter pen, usually of diameter 0.7mm, that gently removes individual hairs without leaving large incisions in the surface of the skin. This donor area is usually at the back of the head, at the base of the neck, or behind the ear. The choice largely depends on preference and where hair follicles appear healthiest.

The harvested hair follicles are then gently and meticulously applied to the recipient site. A unique advantage of the DHI procedure at this point is that prior preparation isn’t needed for the recipient site. Here, the needle penetrates the skin at a 45-degree angle, which allows for hair growth to occur naturally; then, a gentle pressure allows the hairs to be released.

It is crucial that patients choose a professional and experienced surgeon to carry out DHI procedures, owing to the fact that judging the depth, insertion angle, and direction of growth are all complex.

When carried out effectively by a fully trained professional, the DHI allows for accuracy and precision. However, there is also a potential risk associated with direct implantation techniques; fortunately, new Sapphire DHI methods can help overcome these risks.

It is crucial that patients keep their scalp moist following the operation. This allows for successful implantation and growth of the hair follicles. Then, after a period, the shock of the transplantation will cause the hairs to fall out – but don’t panic, because this is a normal part of the procedure, and in about twelve months, you’ll achieve the final result. Natural, full-bodied hair!

Are There Any Drawbacks of the DHI Method?

DHI is a complex procedure. To this end, all medical staff are required to undergo extensive practical training before they can provide DHI services. Moreover, for the success of the procedure, it’s crucial that the ultra fine needles are perfectly selected based on the thickness of the individuals hairs.

In a single DHI session, up to 2500 grafts can be transplanted, since DHI is a lengthier process than FUT or FUE. Furthermore, since the entire procedure is completed in a single session, it’s possible that adjacent hair roots may be damaged.

However, it should be noted that these disadvantages can be largely overcome by using recent innovations in Sapphire hair transplantation technologies, which largely negate the risk of causing harm to the hair roots while also leaving smaller incisions overall. Hence, by combining sapphire tools with the best DHI practices, our team is able to offer an incomparable level of service for all of our clients.