Transplantation by DHI Micro Sapphire


DHI Micro Sapphire Techniques are:

  • Extremely precise
  • Provide full protection
  • Offer accelerated healing
  • Encourage rapid healing and recovery
  • Reduced risks of infection
  • Naturally improved hair density
  • 99% success rates for a natural hairline

Stages of DHI Micro Sapphire Transplants


1. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

First, FUE methods are used to remove donor hair follicles from the back of the scalp. This processes the most advanced micromotors to carefully and precisely remove hair follicles without damaging the follicles themselves or hurting the patient. Tweezers are used
to remove the hair follicles gently.


2. Sapphire Micro-Cutting

After FUE, we use Saphire micro-cutting techniques. Sapphire microblade open the donor hair canals, allowing for more precise cuts to be made than with previously-used steel tools. This greatly minimizes tissue damage and enhances healing rates.


3. DHI Implantation

During this step, the recovered hair grafts are painstakingly implanted into the already prepared recipient sites.

Sapphire DHI Hair Transplantation are the Most Effective Techniques

Using Micro DHI Sapphire techniques allows our team to provide some of the most successful and advanced hair transplantion services for our clients, which is where our services differ. Choose the highest-quality hair transplantation techniques with the best retention and success rates; get in touch with us today. We’ll help you find out more about how we can help with your hair transplantation needs.